We’re Moving

It’s true!! We are moving… In less than a month!! Brett’s dad recently retired and they decided to down size. We alway told them if they ever sold their house we would buy it. We were half serious half joking because I never thought it could really happen. I’ve always loved their house and thought it’d be a great layout for our family. It was a very quick process from talking to the banks and listing our house. We listed the house on July 11th at 9:00am. At 3:00pm we had our first showing and at 3:45 we had an offer! The best part about it was that the offer was for asking price. Brett and I were in shock and still are.

I struggled with the decision to sell our house because just a year and a half ago we tried selling with no luck. It was a very stressful process and when we decided to take it off the market we re-fell in love with our house and area all over again. We are also only five minutes from our church / preschool that we LOVE so that was a big factor. After pray, thinking and talking with our family and close friends we decided that buying Brett’s childhood home in Raleigh was too good to pass up. We will only be 15-20 minutes from church which is not bad at all. The hardest part for me was pulling the kids from Good Hope Preschool and find a new one for just Lydia. The amazing thing about this decision is seeing Gods hand in all of this. He has reassured us time and time again with the entire process; from taking our house off the market to deciding to re list and selling so fast to finding a new school for Lydia! We truly believe God wanted us to let go of things and trust in him and we did! I am still in shock over it all!

All that to say that I am so so excited for our move and ready! It will be so nice to have more space to spread out, have a fenced in yard for the kids and dog and its base schools are wonderful! I will miss our area a lot but will love the new area just as much! Plus, I just love that this was the home Brett grew up in! What can I say I’m a sentimental person…

20130802-112547.jpg I LOVED our first home. We picked everything about it to fit our personal taste. We brought both our babies home here. It will be missed…

Pictures of our new home will come once we make the big move on August 24th!!

No Cavities!!

We took Lydia to her first dentist visit last week. I’d hoped to get her in sooner but it’s not easy getting an appointment. After many attempts and cancelation we finally got her in! She was such a trooper and she had a perfect check-up!



So Everett has officially become all boy. It amazes me everyday to see the difference between him and Lydia. He went through a phase of liking trains and still enjoys his tracks and watching Thomas but nothing compares to his fascination with tractors and lawn mowers. He is obsessed! I am so thankful for Tootsie and Pepe and the many hours they have spent entertaining his obsession! Pepe has spent many visits riding around their back yard on the “tractor” AKA lawn mower and it’s always the highlight of Everett’s week! I’m not sure how this all started or what triggered his interest but I think it is adorable and I love watching him show such an interest in something. It’s precious!!






Charleston Girls Trip

Back in may I had to great opportunity to take a trip with my mom and sister to Charleston S.C. for four days. It was a great chance for us to spend quality time together and not be on any kind of schedule. We simply enjoyed the wonderful food and fellowship! It is officially my new favorite place. I can’t wait to go again!!





Summer Has Arrived!!!

We have already been pretty busy this summer. Lydia has finished her second year of preschool and will return in the fall for Pre-K and Everett will be joining her too, ahhhhh!!!I’m looking forward to the time they will have together at Good Hope and to the time I will have to myself twice a week.

We started off the summer with a quick weekend trip to the beach at Surf City.


20130611-205632.jpg Lydia LOVED the beach. Everett on the other hand took a little while to warm up to it. We plan to make lots more trips back so I’m sure after a few more visits he will become fearless!

Our Baby Is TWO!!

This past weekend we celebrated Everett’s second birthday. As always we had so much fun with our family and friends we even had some special visitors from Florida! Grandma and Grandpa Thomas made the drive all the way up to celebrate this special day. We are so thankful for EVERYONE who came out for our sweet boys monster bash!

20130502-131706.jpgIt’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years since our little buddy was born. He is growing into this amazing and sweet little boy. We loved celebrating him with so many great people!

20130502-131723.jpg Everett loves sweets and he really enjoyed his own cake. It always taste better when you eat without your hand.

20130502-131734.jpgWe decided at the last minute to order a bounce house. We figured it would be good entertainment for all the kids. Turns out it was great entertainment for the adults too. Even Pastor Keith enjoyed acting like a kid in it!

20130502-131755.jpgEverett received so many great gifts. He and Lydia both have had a fun week playing with all the new stuff!

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

April is a very big birthday month. We have Corrie on April 7th, my mom April 8th, Sophie April 9th and my Meme April 10th. Crazy!! This year was a BIG one for my mom… the big 5-0! We decided to make a weekend trip to Lynchburg to surprise her and we pulled it off. She was shocked when she came home from work and found me and the kids there (unfortunately Brett was not able to make the trip). We had a great weekend of shopping and celebrating birthdays!!

Happy 50th Birthday Mom. We love you!

photo (2)

FIVE kids…

The last few weeks have been EXTRA busy in our house because I have taken on one more child to care for. Our next door neighbors were in need of childcare just two days a week and came to me! I have him in our home on Mondays and Wednesdays. I am still caring for Sam and Ellison as well. Sam still comes any three days out of the week, typically always Monday and Wednesday and Ellison comes on Mondays…. if you do the math that means I have all three plus Lydia and Everett on Mondays. It’s a very busy day! I am so thankful for the families who trust me with their sweet little ones and I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with my two by watching others. I am also thankful for great schedules. All of these little ones have nap / rest time at the SAME time. Its a wonderful two hour break so I can refuel!

photo 1


I’m behind on blogging once again. It’s been a little busy as spring has hit. We are spending a lot more time outside in the yard and at the playground! We are so happy that spring is finally here!!!

Happy Belated Easter!!!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo (3)As always the kids had so much fun at Tootsie and Pepe’s!

Trip to DC

We made a little trip do DC back in mid March. It had been almost a year since we were there with the kids… Way to long. Brett took a couple days off so we could have a nice long weekend visit and we were able to see almost all of my family.

20130401-162028.jpg It’s so much fun to capture pictures like this…FOUR generations!

20130401-162509.jpg We were able to celebrate Grandma Vivi’s birthday which was a great way to get everyone together

20130401-162641.jpg We had the joy of going to Georgetown Cupcake and picking up some delicious cupcakes for the birthday party. We all really enjoyed them and it was a fun little experience going to the little shop to pick them up!