Sweet Girl

So I feel I have to add a post about my sweet Lydia. I feel like I have posted a lot about Everett and owed her some attention!

We have still been having beautiful weather and we love it because Lydia can spend lots of time outside in the yard. This morning she went out in her pj’s but did not like that the grass was wet so instead of wearing her crocs she decided she need her boots. Smart girl! She is becoming quit the poser for photos now and I love it!

Playing outside (her favorite thing to do)!


In the last two weeks Everett has really started taking off. He has figured out how to get around in his army crawl. He has started pulling up on everything. Yesterday he was pulling up to his knees and today he ispulling up to his feet. I have a feeling he is going to figure out how to walk soon! I love seeing him do all of these things as I am a worry wart when it comes to his development. Just the other day I went in to get him from his nap and found that he had pulled his mobile down and was having his own little party!

Guess its time to lower his crib and remove the mobile...

Trying to keep up with Sam!

Everett Got Tubes

This past Tuesday we took Everett at 5:30am to the NC Specialty Hospital to have tubes put in both ears. He was such a trooper. The poor little guy could not have anything to eat after midnight the night before. He made it till about 7:30 without fussing. Thankfully they took him back around 7:45 to place the tubes. Once they took him back it was only about 15 minutes before they called us back to see him. So quick! We were then able to feed the little guy. After that he fell right to sleep in the car and took a nap at home. Then he woke up a happy little boy. You would have never known he had this done a few hours earlier!

They had the cutest little hospital gown for him to wear!

Funniest thing ever!

A few hours after his surgery. Would never know this sweet boy spent his morning having surgery!

Way Overdue…. Our Cruise

Back in January Brett and I took a five night cruise to the Bahama’s. Everett and Lydia went to Lynchburg for 6 whole days. It was really hard being away from them for so long but it was so good for Brett and I to have some time to ourselves. We were able to stay out as late as we wanted, sleep whenever we felt like it and not to mention all the food we ate. Anybody who has ever gone on a cruise before knows the amount of food they have available.

Enjoying the ocean view before dinner!

Talking to Lydia!

View of Atlantis. It was such a beautiful day!

Home Project

As you know we are trying to sell out house. In order to make it more appealing to our views we decided to invest in a couple of small projects. The first was having the interior repainted a little bit darker than the original (which I have wanted to do from the moment we moved in). I am very happy with the turn out. Another project we did was frame in our master bathroom mirror (thanks Mr. and Mrs. Doherty for the inspiration). I am so proud of Brett for his awesome work. It looks so much better than it did before!

Our new color! Its a little bit darker and more beige than the old color which had a hint of yellow. We LOVE it!

Master bathroom mirror before.

Master bathroom after!!

Best Personality!

Lydia is growing up so fast. I cant believe she is just over two and a half. She is such a sweet girl. She makes Brett and I laugh everyday and Everett is totally in love with her. We could not have asked for a more beautiful, sweet and silly girl. As Brett would say “she is awesome”!

Nine Months Old!

It is so hard to believe that Everett is already nine months old.  He is just the sweetest (and cutest) baby ever. We took him for his nine month check-up to be told that he had his FOURTH ear infection. He is such a tough guy. We would not have even know it if he had not finally woke up crying the night before. He is just too laid back. He did weigh in at 20lbs. 8oz. 50th%!!!!

Our New Friend

After searching for many months for a child to watch we finally found someone (well they found me). When Brett and I returned from our cruise I had an email from a girl who lives in Twin Lakes with a little boy the same age as Everett. It was such a blessing for both of us. They needed someone closer and we really needed the extra income. He started come in February and is one of the best babies I have watched (and trust me I have watched lots of children)!

Everett was not too sure what to make of Sam. He is quite a bit bigger than Everett!

The weather has been really nice. We have even been able to walk to the park a few times.