All Boy

We may be in some trouble here at the Doherty house. Just this week Everett has discovered that he can climb and he’s really good at it. Yesterday he climbed onto the bar stool and was standing on in within a matter of seconds while I was helping Lydia and her friend do some art projects. He also figured out how to climb onto the couch (his favorite place to play) and climb onto the kitchen chairs. While I’m going crazy chasing him around I LOVE that he is exploring more. The days of calm / laid back / happy to sit and play with toys may be coming to an end.


Yes, he is wearing Brett’s hat and he loves it!

Weekend With Daddy

This weekend was so nice. On Friday afternoon we were able to go to the Cary Train Station to pick up Tootsie and Pepe after they  went to D.C to visit a family friend. They were so sweet and came over to take care of Lydia and Everett  while Brett and I went to a Durham Bulls game with our new church. Thanks so much for babysitting after traveling all day Mr. and Mrs. Doherty!


 On Saturday morning Brett got up with the kids so I could sleep in!! I was brought coffee in bed by my three most favorite people. This is always a highlight of my weekend. After  a yummy breakfast we headed up to Southpoint Mall to check out the new West Elm! Lets just same I am in love with this store and the catalog does not do it justice. You must go check it out!


After checking out West Elm we let Lydia and Everett play on the indoor playground before grabbing lunch and heading home for nap time.

I love being able to spend time with these sweet little ones!

On Saturday afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful 74 degree weather and walked to the playground.

Wagon rides are so much fun for this two. I love that we are less than a mile away from the playground and we can take the green way the entire way!

Everett went down the “big” slide for the first time by himself and he loved it!

Lydia loves doing the monkey bars (with lots of help of course). I love Brett’s expression. He is a proud Daddy that she is hanging without assistance!

We finished off our weekend by celebrating Justin, Jessica, Ezra and Micah (soon to arrive!!) at some friends house. It was so nice seeing them and getting to shower them after all they have been through with this pregnancy. We sure do miss you guys. I still have not given up on a chance for you to move back…

Everett and Sam

As most of you know, I care for sweet little Sam  three days out of the week. He is the same age as Everett and is awesome. We have loved having him with us the last 6.5 months. I just had to share this sequence of pictures because it truly captures a day in the life of me and these boys. Let me just say that they LOVE to play on a pile if comforters and pillows. The bigger and squishier the better. Just so you know Sam did not do anything to hurt Everett. He simply gave him a hug and Everett apparently did not like that.

Bed Time Issues and Sticker Charts


For the last couple of weeks Lydia has been having some issues at bed time. Before that she always went to bed perfectly. She would even ask to go to bed sometimes. Recently it has been quite the battle. She does her normal routine of brushing teeth, going potty, hiding from Mommy, Daddy and Leah (the dog) and praying but once it’s time for us to kiss her good night and leave the room she flips the switch and becomes very emotional. This has been so hard on me because it’s an awful way to end our day with her. I know it may not seem like much to some but for Brett and I it’s heartbreaking. Brett has done a wonderful job handling the situation and dealing with her for the time it takes to calm her down. I, on the other hand, have been very emotional. This past Sunday was the worst. I decided I had to find something new to help her. We came up with a caterpillar sticker chart. Once she fills the caterpillar with stickers she gets to go on an ice cream date with Daddy or Mommy, her choice! For the last two and a half days she has done perfect! I am so thankful for this and thankful for those who have been praying! I am praying that this little phase that she is in will now be over.

Lydia’s Lemonade and Lollipops Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Lydia’s 3rd Birthday Lemonade and Lollipop style. I had so much fun coming up with different ideas to pull this party or. I must give LOTS of credit to Pinterest for all the cute ideas. Thanks to my mom, Sophie, Mrs. Doherty and the guys for your help getting this all pulled together. Big thanks to Brett for letting me go crazy and helping me. You are such a sweet and helpful Husband / Daddy!

Lydia had so much fun at her party. She was totally our of her shell and made a great party girl!

We can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for everyone who came to the party and for all the sweet gifts. We had over 600 pictures of the party so I can’t put all of them up. Sorry if your gift picture did not make it but let me just say that Lydia has not stopped playing with all of them! She has spent hours playing with her doll house and babies. We spent some time trying to teach her how to ride the bike. Sadly the weather has not been too nice since the party so she has not been able to spend much time learning. She had trouble deciding what to wear this morning because of all the clothes and shoes she received. Thank you EVERYONE for all the gifts!!!

Since this was Lydia’s 3rd Birthday I felt like we need to have some activities planned. We didn’t want ten little ones running around with nothing to do. SO we had a scavenger hunt, face painting and sidewalk chalk. We also had a dance party per Lydia’s request!

Thank you all once again for being a part of this special day. It means so much to us! We love our friends and family!

Lydia Got In!!!

So Lydia has been on the waiting list at Good Hope Preschool for the last two years. Last year she attended Christ The King Early Learning Center because it was the only school we could get her in at the last minute. We had planned on her going there again this year because, again, we were able to get her in. We have loved CTKECC but it was just a little too far with me watching other children. I received a phone call this morning that Good Hope had an opening and Lydia was next on the list! I am thrilled for a number of reasons. The first being that this is also the church that we have started attending and have really enjoyed it. This will give us another way to get involved and get to know people. Not to mentioned the comfort factor for Lydia. Another reason is that the school is maybe FIVE minutes from the house and the opposite direction of traffic!! This will make life so much easier since I’ll be watching two children this fall.  And the final reason is that it is rumored to be a great school. This is such an answer to our prayers!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lydia!!!


I don’t even know where to begin. This girl is awesome and we are crazy about her.

Here are a few things that we think make Lydia great: She has a very sensitive and caring heart, she loves her family and seeing all of them as much as possible, she has a really funny personality, she loves learning new things and asking questions, she enjoys snuggle time on the couch while watching a show, she loves to be a little helper, she loves being outside, she says the funniest things and best of all she LOVES her daddy!!!

Here is a list of questions that Brett and I are going to ask the kids each year on their birthday. This is the first year of doing it for Lydia. We thought three was a good age to start. It was quite fun asking these!


On My Mind

Yesterday at church Pastor Keith said something at the very end of his sermon that has really been on my mind. He said, “If God brings you to it, He will always bring you through it”. I love how simple yet true this statement is. I think of all the things we go through in our everyday lives, big or small, and how in the end God does ALWAYS bring us through it. I am so thankful for my salvation and the fact that I will always have God as my protector. One of my biggest struggles in life is always wanting more. I get so wrapped up in things that I want rather than being thankful for what God has already given. I have heard our pastor say a few times that God always answer our prayers. It just may not be what we think we wanted or came when we wanted it but it is always when and what we needed.  I am always amazed at what God has put us through and all that he has brought us through and for that I am forever grateful!

“Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Know that the LORD is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100:1-5

I am so thankful for a happy healthy family. I just love these three blessings!

Let The Countdown Begin

We have only 7 days until our sweet girl turns THREE… WHAT??? I CANNOT believe its been three years. She has been talking about her birthday since February so needless to say she is very excited! We are throwing her a Lemonade and Lollipops party on the 18th and I’m very excited about all the stuff we are doing for it. Its going to be one girly party for one girly girl!

This is the adorable invitation that Brett designed. I LOVE it!!!

Trip To The ZOO!!

Back in June we were able to spend the weekend at Badin Lake thanks to Ryan and Morgan. We had a really nice time hanging out with Ryan, Morgan, Samuel and Corrie. At the end of our weekend together we all went to the NC Zoo. Everyone really enjoyed seeing all the great animals.