Off to New York!

Tomorrow I will be going to New York with the women of Providence Baptist Church. My sweet mother-in-law invited me to join a group for a four day trip. Brett is taking the time off work to take care of the kids. I am looking forward to some fun girl time and of course good shopping! Brett is really excited about spend this time with Lydia and Everett. I’m sure it will be a fun weekend for all!! Can’t wait to share pictures next week!

New Addition

This past Tuesday I started caring for another child. Some friends of ours were in need of a childcare provide and really did not want to put their sweet girl in daycare (I don’t blame them). So a few months ago they contacted me to see if I would be interested. As some of you know, I already watch “Sambo” three days a week so I was not sure if this was something I could do. But at the same time I loved the idea of having a baby around and being able to help out our sweet friends. SO, after praying and talking about it with Brett we decided to do it! After our first week with ten week old Ellison I am in love once again! We had so much fun taking care of her this week and Lydia is crazy about her. Some people think I’m crazy for caring for two children on top of taking care of my own two but I love it and would not have it any other way. This is what I was meant to do; care for sweet little ones while spending every moment with my own. It’s like have a playdate three+ days a week!

Ellison is just too sweet. A very content girl even with the constant squeals of Everett!

Lydia is such a little helper and she is so good at it!

Everett is fascinated by her. He’s not really sure what to make of her but he is being surprisingly gentle and sweet. No signs of jealousy either!

I love getting some sweet baby snuggles while the others are napping!
(excuse the no makeup face)

Fall Fun

This past weekend we went to Millstone Creek Orchard to do our very own apple picking! We all really enjoyed it and now have LOTS of apples. Lydia and Everett both love being outside so this made their day. After we were done picking apples we walked to the Orchard Shop and got some yummy Apple Cider Slushies and Apple Bread. We enjoyed our treats while swinging on the tire swings and playing in the sand.

Brett and Lydia are inseparable on the weekends. I love to bond these to have!

While we were in the orchard picking the apples Everett hung out in the stroller. This was a picture I snapped of him. I can’t get enough of this sweet face!

Having lots of fun on the tire swing. Such a happy girl!

Everett loves his mommy (and I love it)!

Lydia thought it was the neatest thing that we were picking our own apples!

Me and my buddy boy!

I could just eat him up…

First bit of the yummy apples!

It never fails that when we try to get in a picture with both of them one of them does not cooperate…Thanks Everett…

The last thing Lydia wanted to to towards the end of our time here was have her picture taken. This captures what happens when we tell her to take one more with Everett before she can play in the sand. Everett is oblivious!


I love freebies. These are just a couple of my favorite sites for free printables! I have used them for invitations, banners, gift tags and lot of other things. Hope you find some items that you are able to use as well!

If you click on the picture below it will take you to the sites.

Happy Grandparents Day

Our family is blessed to have wonderful Grandparents. I won’t go on about everything that is truly amazing about all of them because there are just too many of them. Between my family and Brett’s family we have a total of 10 awesome grandparents and this is counting the ones that are still with us. Sadly a few have already went to be with the Lord but I have heard great things about the ones we never had the opportunity to meet.

Lydia and Everett are so spoiled by all the loving Grandparents (so are Brett and I). We can’t even begin to tell how thankful we are.

To all our Grandparents: We love you and thank you for how caring, fun, dedicated and special you are to us!

Lydia’s First Day at Good Hope Preschool

This morning was Lydia’s first day in her 3 year old class at her new school. It’s hard to believe that she is starting her second year of preschool. I am thrilled beyond words about her being in such a great school. Lydia was so excited to go this morning. She even left Ellie in her bed. We have been trying to break her of taking Ellie EVERYWHERE and this past weekend she did a great job!

I love this comparison of Lydia from last year to this year. She looks so little in her 2011 photo.

Lydia with her new teacher, Ms. Eleanor (AKA, Ms. Ellie)

Lydia did an amazing job with drop off. She found her cubbie right away and went right in to see what she could start playing with.

I was amazed at how big she seemed. She settled right in and did not seem to even care that I was leaving. I cant wait to pick her up and hear about all the fun she had! What a great start to a new school year!

Let’s Go Blue!

Brett’s favorite time of years has finally come. Football season! He is so happy because he gets to watch all the games this year. I surprised him on Monday with Dish TV. We have not had cable for the last year. Now we have tons of channels and a DVR to record what we want! We decided we could treat ourselves since I’ll be watching two children starting in September and Brett is working two jobs as well.

This Saturday was the first Michigan game of the season and we were all wearing our “Let’s Go Blue” gear. Brett did have to work for a few hours in the afternoon so I packed up the little ones and headed out to Uncie Ryan and Aunt Morgan’s for some pregame food and fun!

Trying to get a good picture of all the cousins is almost impossible but we will take what we can get and I still think they are all pretty cute!

I can’t get enough of this little guy. He is such a sweetie!

Our little Michigan Cheerleader! She could not wait to put this on this morning. Love her!

I think it’s safe to say that Everett is crazy about Pepe! He loves to play with him and lights up when they are together.

Anyone who knows Brett knows that he LOVES to snack. Figuring out what he wanted to eat during the game was quite the task. We decided on making “Wolf Pack Specials” which we have officially renamed “Wolverine Specials” and will be making them as our official game-day snack. They are yummy! I can’t take the credit for them as I found the recipe on Pinterest (of course) via WRAL Got to be NC website. I have shared the recipe below.