One And A Half Years And Walking

I can’t believe our little Everett is a year and a half old and I’m happy to say he is officially a walker!!!This little guys is really starting to come out of his shell. He is slowly starting to say more and is now walking on his very own. It’s so fun to see him starting to show an interest in specific things like Elmo (aka Melmo) and he loves farm animals!

My little sweetheart. He is such a loving boy.

Doherty Mountain Trip

Thanks to Brett’s parents and their sweet friends we were able to spend this past weekend in the mountains near Boone, NC. Though we seemed to have missed the foliage peak it was still beautiful and just what we needed!

Brett was able to take a few days off of work so we went up on Thursday with his parents. On Friday we drove into Blowing Rock to do a little shopping and let the kids play in the park.Ryan, Morgan, Samuel and Corrie joined us on Friday evening and Tootsie had lots of fun goodies for the little ones.

On Saturday we had a fun filled day of taking family pictures, making s’mores by the fire and letting the kids dress up in their Halloween costumes!It’s always fun and challenging to get a good family picture with four kids 3 and under. We usually end up with about 15+ pictures of the same pose but only one turns out. I think we got a good one here though!

I’ve said it many time before and I’ll say it again… I cannot get enough of this little guy. He melts my heart! So handsome just like his Daddy!

And Lydia clearly can’t get enough of her daddy. I just love these two!

Lydia, Everett, Corrie and Samuel loved being able to dress up in their cute costumes. I must say that these are the cutest owl, monster, pig and pirate I’ve ever seen! They also enjoyed eating homemade s’mores and going on a little tractor (lawn mower) ride which we did not get any pictures of.

Lydia and “her cousin” (as she refers to him) love playing together. They had a blast!

My two redheads. Love ’em!

Thank you to the McGuirt family for allowing  us to spend the weekend at your beautiful mountain house. We really enjoyed the time away from the hustle and bustle of life and were truly able to relax!

Lydia’s Fun Filled Week

Lydia had a pretty busy and fun week. On Thursday Tootsie and Pepe took her to the NC State Fair. She hadn’t been since she was one so in her mind it was her first time going. She LOVED it. Seeing all the animals was so fun for her and she loved getting spoiled with all the treats, both toys and food. We are excited for it to come around again next year as Lydia and Everett will be able to enjoy it together!

On Friday Lydia went to Lynchburg to spend the weekend with Meme and Poppy and the rest of my family! She had not gone in a while due to her past bedtime struggles but we felt like it was time for her to go visit without us to see how she would do. Plus, we wanted to have some quality time with Everett. We wanted to be able to really focus on helping him with his walking and give him our undivided attention, which he is NOT used to. Lydia did GREAT and we really enjoyed our time with Everett!

My parents, along with Aunt Sophie took Lydia to a place called Amazement Square where she was able to do many different educational activities. She had a blast!

Thank you to our parents and siblings for being so wonderful to us. It brings me so much joy to see how much everyone loves our little ones!

A Little More Fall

I love fall and one of my favorite fall family traditions is going to our local Phillips Farm Pumpkin Patch. This past weekend we were able to share in this tradition with my mom and sister. We all had lots of fun picking out all our pumpkins!

Everett loved seeing all the pumpkins. It is so fun to see him get so excited about things just like his sister.

Lydia had a blast seeing all the funny shaped pumpkins and she really enjoyed having Meme and Aunt Sophie there with us.

I think he is the cutest pumpkin in the patch

Playing on the big tractor!

Sewing (and shopping) With My Girls

I finally learned how to use my sewing machine! I have owned this thing since 2007 and had never taken it out of the box until this weekend. I really wanted burlap curtains in the bay window of our kitchen but did not want to spend $40+ dollars on one panel when I knew the material was 2.99 a yard. So this past weekend my mom and sister came down to help me make curtains. I am so excited to get them  up. I just have to wait for my hardware to come in that Brett ordered for over half off!I love this picture with Everett in the background! It was lunch time and Brett gave him a yogurt to feed himself. He had so much fun with it while Sophie and I were learning how to get the sewing machine started.

Up and running! I am so excited about all my sewing options now!

I could not have done this without mom and Sophie’s help. We were a great little team. I can’t wait to show you the final pictures. I hope to get them hung soon!

Of course Mom and Sophie could not make a trip down without shopping so after spending the first part of the day sewing we spent the second part of our day shopping.

We “shopped till we dropped” as Lydia would say!

I Love Redecorating

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to decorate and redecorate. Most people who come into our home never see it the same twice. Whether its new paint colors, pictures, pillows or rearrangement of furniture, I’m always changing something. I always tell Brett that it’s because I’m home all day and have to look at the same thing so I like to switch things up. This month has been a big month of projects and we still have a long way to go but I just wanted to share a little bit of what we are working on. This is our kitchen table which came from my Grandma and Grandpa Dauksys. We refinished it about five years ago when it was given to us but I have never been 100% happy with the color of it. I had hoped it would be darker but was too impatient at the time to re-sand and re-stain. Well thanks to Pinterest I found an awesome blog about how to stain without having to do a ton of sanding using a Gel Stain. It is amazing. I am so happy with the color. I would have liked to go one  shade darker but because its a beautiful Tiger Oak wood I did not want to hid the beautiful grain.

We repainted our kitchen island for the third and final time. When we first got it we painted it white, then dark brown and finally black. I am much happier with the black. It matches the Ikea piece given to us by our close friends, Justin and Jessica and it now matches the kitchen chairs which I also painted. I love having everything the same color and all freshened up!

Another big project was re-staining Lydia and Everett’s bathroom cabinets. When we bought our house I, for some reason, picked the lighter cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms. I have no idea why because I have always wanted either off white or dark. It was wayyyy to expensive to do the white cabinets but it is beyond me as to why I didn’t do the dark ones because it was the same price as the light ones that I picked…. yuck… So due to the awesome blog a mentioned earlier Brett and I have decided that we are going to stain our kitchen cabinets DARK! But before doing so we wanted to test it out on the kids bathroom.

This is before, during and after of the bathroom cabinets. I still need to do the final coat of poly which is why you still see the pretty green tape.

I am really please with the look. I did learn a couple thing I will do differently when we tackle the big kitchen project but overall it was VERY easy and looks so much better than it used to!!

The Big Apple!!!

My trip to New York has come and gone. It was so much fun and I am so glad I went. The group of women were so sweet and fun to be around. Mrs. Doherty and I were pretty good roommates too! We had a great driver, Roberto, who did a wonderful job getting us there and back safely. He also did a wonderful job driving that huge bus around that crazy city. I would not want that job. We also had a great tour guide who showed us all the fun places throughout an incredible city. I now know exactly where I want to go when I convince Brett to take me back! Brett also did an amazing job with the kids. He was defiantly worn out by the time I go back. I think he was ready to go back to work…

There are so many beautiful churches in New York. This was one of the many we saw. I can not get over the details in every building. Just amazing!

We visited the 9/11 Memorial one morning. It was a hard place to be knowing how much sadness took place on the very ground we were walking on. I had the opportunity to go to the top of the World Trade Centers just a few months before they were hit. It was a strange thing to stand there and look into a giant hole where they once stood. I will say that the city had done an incredible job making it a very special and beautiful memorial for people to come to.

Central Park was beautiful! We only walk into a very small section of it but what we saw was incredible. We even got to be witness to an engagement! It was such a fun moment for a bunch of women!

I really enjoyed the company of the other girls on this trip. It was lots of fun getting to know so many godly women and be surrounded by women who share the same love for Christ as I do.

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to shop. And shopping I did! I was able to get a few Christmas gifts for family and a few things for myself. I didn’t expect to get any great deals but it turns out you can really barter with any of the street markets. Mrs. Doherty and I went bag crazy! We even went into some hidden shop / room to find some knock-offs. Shhhh!

Oh Time Square…. This place is crazy. It was a very exciting stop for all of us. There were so many people. I could have sat on a bench and people watched for hours. But instead we went shopping… AGAIN!

I can’t wait to go back! I am hoping to get Brett to take me for our 30th next year!!!