Name Change

So I have changed the name of my blog. The reason for this is that Counting Our Blessings was never available. You may or may not have noticed that blog address was really Counting Our Blessing and it drove me crazy. Now it’s My Mommy Memos! Just to save everyone from asking I thought I’d post it. Make sure you update your bookmark if you do have my site marked!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This year for Thanksgiving we hosted my family. Since Brett works in the retail world it’s hard for us to travel this time of year. It been a few years since we have been with my side of the family so I talked everyone into coming to our house. We did miss the Doherty family this year but we still had a great time with lots of silliness, shopping and of course eating!

We cooked enough food to feed a small army. Our dinner menu consisted of turkey, gravy, mac & cheese, sweet potato casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, mashed potatoes bbq green beans and rolls.

I cooked the turkey this year (with lots of helping hands) which turned out pretty yummy. We soaked it for two full days in a brine mixture which gave it the great flavor. I also cooked it upside down which allowed all the juices to drip into the breasts of the turkey!

I always go overboard when I host anything. I have this fear of running out of food so instead I end up getting way too much food. We only had 8 adults and 2 little ones but we had 4 different desserts (apple pie, mixed fruit pie, chocolate cherry cake and chocolate chip cookies). Now Brett and I are stuck with lots of yummy leftovers… darn…

Most people know that my favorite part of the Thanksgiving holiday (besides being with family) is the shopping. I LOVE going through the ads to see what kinds of deals they have.

All the girls (except Lydia) did some late night chopping on Thursday night. I was shocked at how many people really go out on Thanksgiving night to start their shopping. The checkout line at Target literally wrapped around the entire inside of the store. We all decided the was no way we were going to wait in the line to buy our few items and ended up just having fun goofing off!

My little Lydia has become quite the shopper. This girl could almost out shop me. I love that she is at the age where she can come out with the girls. It’s so much fun having her tag along!

Sneak Peek!!!

On Saturday afternoon we went to one of Brett’s favorite photo spots and took a few family pictures. We had lots of fun just being silly and enjoying the beautiful fall day. I just wanted to share a couple of the pictures Brett took. He was in his happy place!

Kitchen Makeover Continued!!

Well we are finally done with the big staining project in the kitchen. It was a pretty fun project and I’m really happy with the way it turned out! The best thing about this entire project was the cost. We spent about $75.00 to redo all the cabinets, switch out all the knobs and repaint all the chairs and island!

The  before pictures were taken with my phone so they are not the best but you still get a great comparison.

My favorite part about this entire project are the new knobs. I came across them at World Market. I had not planned on switching them out but I fell in love with them and decided it had to be done!

18 Months Old

Everett had his 18 month check-up / follow-up from Saturdays sick visit. He is still a little wheezy and has a yucky runny nose which they gave him an antibiotic for. However, he did have an AWESOME 18 month evaluation! At each Well Visit I have to fill out a questionnaire about what he is and is not doing. At his 15 month visit he did not score very high and was referred to a specialist for further evaluations. It was pretty hard for me emotionally but the only thing they were a little concerned about was his communication skills. Well, he has come a long way these last couple months! I loved being about to check the ‘always’ and ‘sometimes’ boxes for almost every question. The doctor was very pleased with his progress and had NO worries at all!! My little preemie baby seems to have caught up!!! 

Here are a few things he is now doing:
Walking (my favorite)!!!!!
Starting to say more words: Doggy, Daddy, Baby, Mommy, All Done, Bye Bye, Night Night, Ball, No No and a few more!
Imitating Animals: Barks, Meows, Make an elephant sound, Imitates a monkey
Better with signing: Please, more and help (sometimes)

He lost a pound since his last visit but I’m sure it’s because of all the walking and being sick this past week. He did grow a whole inch and a half!

Fall… My Love / Hate Relationship

So fall has officially arrived and it’s by far my most favorite season of all. However, since becoming a mom I have formed a love / hate relationship with this time of year. My poor buddy boy has already gotten two colds. One of which started last week and has since moved into to his poor little lungs. I thought he had turned the corner on Friday as he seemed to be feeling better but then on Friday night he hit a wall. He became very tired and very cranky very fast. I gave him a bath and put him to bed early thinking he was just tired. Well he ended up waking up at 4am (which he never does unless he truly does not feel good). I went in to check on him and the poor guy was struggling to breath. It was pitiful. I was able to rock him back to sleep but this continued until 6ish when I finally gave up and started our day. I was so anxious to call the doctor as soon as they opened and thankfully they were able to take him right away. We now have the great joy of giving him nebulizer breathing treatments every three hours… While it’s not all that fun to sit and do this we are getting some really sweet snuggles and the treatments make a world of difference for him. Because this is Everett’s fourth time having breathing treatments in less than a year we are not proud owners of our very own Nebulizer Machine. Everett is such a sweetheart. As the nurse was getting us set up to do a treatment in the doctors office she told me that Everett would fight me with all his might while doing this. He clearly did not. He went right to sleep!

When I had called the doctors office on Saturday morning Brett was teasing me about taking Everett in because I have a soft spot for him. As you can see in these pictures Brett is clearly enjoying the cuddles from Everett.

This does not happen very much anymore. Such a sweet moment. Love my boys!

Firemen and Police Officers

Last week we had the pleasure of having Brett home in the middle of the week. I had my annual heart ck-up so he decided just to take the whole day off! With Thanksgiving right around the corner we have been talking to Lydia about what it means to be thankful. We decided to make the best of our time with Brett by bringing our local Morrisville Policemen and Firemen some cookies to show how thankful we are for their service to our community. They were amazing. Here we were as family trying to bless them with smiling children and words of encouragement and they turned out to be such a blessing to us and the kids. They went above and beyond to talk and play with Lydia and Everett. They even called the K-9 Unit back to the station (they were out on patrol) just so we could meet Bruno, the K-9 Police Dog. We could not have asked for a sweeter experience. It was such a great lesson for Lydia and Everett (not that he really knew what was going on) and we will are so thankful to have such great service men and women just walking distance from our house!

Kitchen Makeover!

Brett is so amazing! He is such a sweetheart for always allowing me to make changes to our home. He is very patient with me yet always lets me know his opinion. I always listen to it too because we all know that Brett is pretty good when it comes to decorating! Thanks, Babe, for letting me make a mess of our home, neglect the laundry, hardly cook for the last week (eek) and encourage me the entire time that I have been giving our kitchen a face lift! I LOVE you!

That being said… For the past weekend and a half I have been spending every moment that the kids are asleep re-staining our kitchen cabinets. I mentioned in an earlier post that I did not like our current color and wanted something different. I have been hesitant to do it because we have white appliances and wasn’t sure how that would look with dark cabinets. Well, after doing the children’s bathroom we decided to tackle the entire kitchen. I figured it can’t look any worse than it already does. I am so exited about the way it is turning out that I thought I’d go ahead and share a few pictures of the progress. We won’t be finished until this weekend which I can’t wait for because having the kitchen off limits to three little ones has not been easy. Plus, I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

Before the madness began!

First coat. Look at the difference and I still had TWO more coats to go!

The hardest part of this project was taking off all the doors, drawers and hardware and then taping off everything.

Last night as we watched the election we finished our final coat of staining. I’m so please with the turn out (the staining…not the election). It is darker than I had originally thought I’d want my kitchen but again, I fell in love with the bathroom cabinet and thought it would be great for the kitchen! Now I have to wait a couple days to do the poly then another day or so before putting on the hardware and rehanging and waiting as not something I’m good at at all. Can’t wait to post the finished pictures next week!!