Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

April is a very big birthday month. We have Corrie on April 7th, my mom April 8th, Sophie April 9th and my Meme April 10th. Crazy!! This year was a BIG one for my mom… the big 5-0! We decided to make a weekend trip to Lynchburg to surprise her and we pulled it off. She was shocked when she came home from work and found me and the kids there (unfortunately Brett was not able to make the trip). We had a great weekend of shopping and celebrating birthdays!!

Happy 50th Birthday Mom. We love you!

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FIVE kids…

The last few weeks have been EXTRA busy in our house because I have taken on one more child to care for. Our next door neighbors were in need of childcare just two days a week and came to me! I have him in our home on Mondays and Wednesdays. I am still caring for Sam and Ellison as well. Sam still comes any three days out of the week, typically always Monday and Wednesday and Ellison comes on Mondays…. if you do the math that means I have all three plus Lydia and Everett on Mondays. It’s a very busy day! I am so thankful for the families who trust me with their sweet little ones and I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with my two by watching others. I am also thankful for great schedules. All of these little ones have nap / rest time at the SAME time. Its a wonderful two hour break so I can refuel!

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I’m behind on blogging once again. It’s been a little busy as spring has hit. We are spending a lot more time outside in the yard and at the playground! We are so happy that spring is finally here!!!

Happy Belated Easter!!!

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photo (3)As always the kids had so much fun at Tootsie and Pepe’s!

Trip to DC

We made a little trip do DC back in mid March. It had been almost a year since we were there with the kids… Way to long. Brett took a couple days off so we could have a nice long weekend visit and we were able to see almost all of my family.

20130401-162028.jpg It’s so much fun to capture pictures like this…FOUR generations!

20130401-162509.jpg We were able to celebrate Grandma Vivi’s birthday which was a great way to get everyone together

20130401-162641.jpg We had the joy of going to Georgetown Cupcake and picking up some delicious cupcakes for the birthday party. We all really enjoyed them and it was a fun little experience going to the little shop to pick them up!