No Cavities!!

We took Lydia to her first dentist visit last week. I’d hoped to get her in sooner but it’s not easy getting an appointment. After many attempts and cancelation we finally got her in! She was such a trooper and she had a perfect check-up!



So Everett has officially become all boy. It amazes me everyday to see the difference between him and Lydia. He went through a phase of liking trains and still enjoys his tracks and watching Thomas but nothing compares to his fascination with tractors and lawn mowers. He is obsessed! I am so thankful for Tootsie and Pepe and the many hours they have spent entertaining his obsession! Pepe has spent many visits riding around their back yard on the “tractor” AKA lawn mower and it’s always the highlight of Everett’s week! I’m not sure how this all started or what triggered his interest but I think it is adorable and I love watching him show such an interest in something. It’s precious!!






Charleston Girls Trip

Back in may I had to great opportunity to take a trip with my mom and sister to Charleston S.C. for four days. It was a great chance for us to spend quality time together and not be on any kind of schedule. We simply enjoyed the wonderful food and fellowship! It is officially my new favorite place. I can’t wait to go again!!





Summer Has Arrived!!!

We have already been pretty busy this summer. Lydia has finished her second year of preschool and will return in the fall for Pre-K and Everett will be joining her too, ahhhhh!!!I’m looking forward to the time they will have together at Good Hope and to the time I will have to myself twice a week.

We started off the summer with a quick weekend trip to the beach at Surf City.


20130611-205632.jpg Lydia LOVED the beach. Everett on the other hand took a little while to warm up to it. We plan to make lots more trips back so I’m sure after a few more visits he will become fearless!