We’re Moving

It’s true!! We are moving… In less than a month!! Brett’s dad recently retired and they decided to down size. We alway told them if they ever sold their house we would buy it. We were half serious half joking because I never thought it could really happen. I’ve always loved their house and thought it’d be a great layout for our family. It was a very quick process from talking to the banks and listing our house. We listed the house on July 11th at 9:00am. At 3:00pm we had our first showing and at 3:45 we had an offer! The best part about it was that the offer was for asking price. Brett and I were in shock and still are.

I struggled with the decision to sell our house because just a year and a half ago we tried selling with no luck. It was a very stressful process and when we decided to take it off the market we re-fell in love with our house and area all over again. We are also only five minutes from our church / preschool that we LOVE so that was a big factor. After pray, thinking and talking with our family and close friends we decided that buying Brett’s childhood home in Raleigh was too good to pass up. We will only be 15-20 minutes from church which is not bad at all. The hardest part for me was pulling the kids from Good Hope Preschool and find a new one for just Lydia. The amazing thing about this decision is seeing Gods hand in all of this. He has reassured us time and time again with the entire process; from taking our house off the market to deciding to re list and selling so fast to finding a new school for Lydia! We truly believe God wanted us to let go of things and trust in him and we did! I am still in shock over it all!

All that to say that I am so so excited for our move and ready! It will be so nice to have more space to spread out, have a fenced in yard for the kids and dog and its base schools are wonderful! I will miss our area a lot but will love the new area just as much! Plus, I just love that this was the home Brett grew up in! What can I say I’m a sentimental person…

20130802-112547.jpg I LOVED our first home. We picked everything about it to fit our personal taste. We brought both our babies home here. It will be missed…

Pictures of our new home will come once we make the big move on August 24th!!

One thought on “We’re Moving

  1. We are so happy for you guys. It definitely is amazing & wonderful watching the Lord open & close doors. His love is endless. We are thankful and proud that you have always sought His will & guidance. We often look back over our married life & remember how God has blessed us so many times. We started [like you two] making sure He was in the center of our life… committing all to Him. Would NEVER want it any other way. Look forward to seeing your new home. We loved your first..very nice. Love, Grandma & Grandpa xoxoxoxo

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