So Everett has officially become all boy. It amazes me everyday to see the difference between him and Lydia. He went through a phase of liking trains and still enjoys his tracks and watching Thomas but nothing compares to his fascination with tractors and lawn mowers. He is obsessed! I am so thankful for Tootsie and Pepe and the many hours they have spent entertaining his obsession! Pepe has spent many visits riding around their back yard on the “tractor” AKA lawn mower and it’s always the highlight of Everett’s week! I’m not sure how this all started or what triggered his interest but I think it is adorable and I love watching him show such an interest in something. It’s precious!!






Our Baby Is TWO!!

This past weekend we celebrated Everett’s second birthday. As always we had so much fun with our family and friends we even had some special visitors from Florida! Grandma and Grandpa Thomas made the drive all the way up to celebrate this special day. We are so thankful for EVERYONE who came out for our sweet boys monster bash!

20130502-131706.jpgIt’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years since our little buddy was born. He is growing into this amazing and sweet little boy. We loved celebrating him with so many great people!

20130502-131723.jpg Everett loves sweets and he really enjoyed his own cake. It always taste better when you eat without your hand.

20130502-131734.jpgWe decided at the last minute to order a bounce house. We figured it would be good entertainment for all the kids. Turns out it was great entertainment for the adults too. Even Pastor Keith enjoyed acting like a kid in it!

20130502-131755.jpgEverett received so many great gifts. He and Lydia both have had a fun week playing with all the new stuff!

Sneak Peek!!!

On Saturday afternoon we went to one of Brett’s favorite photo spots and took a few family pictures. We had lots of fun just being silly and enjoying the beautiful fall day. I just wanted to share a couple of the pictures Brett took. He was in his happy place!