Charleston Girls Trip

Back in may I had to great opportunity to take a trip with my mom and sister to Charleston S.C. for four days. It was a great chance for us to spend quality time together and not be on any kind of schedule. We simply enjoyed the wonderful food and fellowship! It is officially my new favorite place. I can’t wait to go again!!





Summer Has Arrived!!!

We have already been pretty busy this summer. Lydia has finished her second year of preschool and will return in the fall for Pre-K and Everett will be joining her too, ahhhhh!!!I’m looking forward to the time they will have together at Good Hope and to the time I will have to myself twice a week.

We started off the summer with a quick weekend trip to the beach at Surf City.


20130611-205632.jpg Lydia LOVED the beach. Everett on the other hand took a little while to warm up to it. We plan to make lots more trips back so I’m sure after a few more visits he will become fearless!

Trip to DC

We made a little trip do DC back in mid March. It had been almost a year since we were there with the kids… Way to long. Brett took a couple days off so we could have a nice long weekend visit and we were able to see almost all of my family.

20130401-162028.jpg It’s so much fun to capture pictures like this…FOUR generations!

20130401-162509.jpg We were able to celebrate Grandma Vivi’s birthday which was a great way to get everyone together

20130401-162641.jpg We had the joy of going to Georgetown Cupcake and picking up some delicious cupcakes for the birthday party. We all really enjoyed them and it was a fun little experience going to the little shop to pick them up!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This year for Thanksgiving we hosted my family. Since Brett works in the retail world it’s hard for us to travel this time of year. It been a few years since we have been with my side of the family so I talked everyone into coming to our house. We did miss the Doherty family this year but we still had a great time with lots of silliness, shopping and of course eating!

We cooked enough food to feed a small army. Our dinner menu consisted of turkey, gravy, mac & cheese, sweet potato casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, mashed potatoes bbq green beans and rolls.

I cooked the turkey this year (with lots of helping hands) which turned out pretty yummy. We soaked it for two full days in a brine mixture which gave it the great flavor. I also cooked it upside down which allowed all the juices to drip into the breasts of the turkey!

I always go overboard when I host anything. I have this fear of running out of food so instead I end up getting way too much food. We only had 8 adults and 2 little ones but we had 4 different desserts (apple pie, mixed fruit pie, chocolate cherry cake and chocolate chip cookies). Now Brett and I are stuck with lots of yummy leftovers… darn…

Most people know that my favorite part of the Thanksgiving holiday (besides being with family) is the shopping. I LOVE going through the ads to see what kinds of deals they have.

All the girls (except Lydia) did some late night chopping on Thursday night. I was shocked at how many people really go out on Thanksgiving night to start their shopping. The checkout line at Target literally wrapped around the entire inside of the store. We all decided the was no way we were going to wait in the line to buy our few items and ended up just having fun goofing off!

My little Lydia has become quite the shopper. This girl could almost out shop me. I love that she is at the age where she can come out with the girls. It’s so much fun having her tag along!

Sneak Peek!!!

On Saturday afternoon we went to one of Brett’s favorite photo spots and took a few family pictures. We had lots of fun just being silly and enjoying the beautiful fall day. I just wanted to share a couple of the pictures Brett took. He was in his happy place!