Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

April is a very big birthday month. We have Corrie on April 7th, my mom April 8th, Sophie April 9th and my Meme April 10th. Crazy!! This year was a BIG one for my mom… the big 5-0! We decided to make a weekend trip to Lynchburg to surprise her and we pulled it off. She was shocked when she came home from work and found me and the kids there (unfortunately Brett was not able to make the trip). We had a great weekend of shopping and celebrating birthdays!!

Happy 50th Birthday Mom. We love you!

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FIVE kids…

The last few weeks have been EXTRA busy in our house because I have taken on one more child to care for. Our next door neighbors were in need of childcare just two days a week and came to me! I have him in our home on Mondays and Wednesdays. I am still caring for Sam and Ellison as well. Sam still comes any three days out of the week, typically always Monday and Wednesday and Ellison comes on Mondays…. if you do the math that means I have all three plus Lydia and Everett on Mondays. It’s a very busy day! I am so thankful for the families who trust me with their sweet little ones and I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with my two by watching others. I am also thankful for great schedules. All of these little ones have nap / rest time at the SAME time. Its a wonderful two hour break so I can refuel!

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I’m behind on blogging once again. It’s been a little busy as spring has hit. We are spending a lot more time outside in the yard and at the playground! We are so happy that spring is finally here!!!

Happy Belated Easter!!!

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photo (3)As always the kids had so much fun at Tootsie and Pepe’s!

A little Behind

I am a little behind on my blog posts and I’m trying to find the time / energy to sit down and catch up. We’ve all had a little stomach bug the last three days so I’ve been a little busy dealing with that. In the mean time we hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We sure did!!!


Noonday Jewelry Party and Fundraiser

On Tuesday night Mrs. Doherty and I along with a Noonday Ambassador threw a little Fundraiser party for Ryan and Morgan’s adoption. The turn out was great. Between Mrs. Doherty’s friends and my friends we had about 16 sweet ladies come and a few other outside orders. The neat thing about the Noonday company is that they give 20% towards the adoption and at the same time we get to do a little bit of Christmas shopping (or shopping for ourselves).IMG_3625

Since it’s Christmas time I decided to do a Christmas theme with a Hot Cocoa bar and a few snacks.

IMG_3603The homemade hot cocoa was a hit!



IMG_3629Mrs. Doherty had these adorable Africa cookies made to match the family picture and painted canvas that Ryan and Morgan had done for this exciting time!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us last night and to everyone who placed an order. The money for the items you purchased will not only go towards the adoption but will also go to men and women around the world who made these beautiful pieces!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

I am so excited for the month of December. It’s only day three and we have already had lots of fun! We are starting some new traditions this year along with some old ones. Lydia is now at such a fun age for Christmas and Everett is happy doing whatever so its going to make for a very fun Holiday season!

Many have asked if we will be doing Santa and our answer is “yes”! Both Brett and I grew up doing Santa and we loved it and it did not affect our trust or confuse us as we grew older. Therefore we are planning to pretend Santa exists and brings presents. We don’t want Lydia and Everett to feel like they missed out on such a fun tradition as they will hear friends in school talk about what fun they had celebrating Santa, etc. However, we are being very careful about not making Christmas all about Santa and the Elf on the Shelf. We are really stressing the true meaning of Christmas. It brings Brett and I so much joy to see Lydia talk about Jesus and tell her friends that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Santa is just a fun part of celebrating Jesus!

That being said, I wanted to share some of the fun things we have done and plan to do as we count down to such a special day!

The month of December is a very big month for our family. Not only do we have Christmas but we have Brett’s Birthday on the 10th, our Wedding Anniversary on the 23rd, Christmas the 25th and my Birthday January 1st (typically celebrated Dec. 31st). We kicked of the month by having a little date night and doing a little Christmas shopping and on Saturday morning we introduced the kids to two very exciting traditions. Lydia and Everett got to meet “Mr. Elf” and got to start our Advent Calendar!

ImageBrett took the kids out to breakfast so that I could get things set up. Once they got back they were able to see their new bible along with the Elf on the Shelf. We started with reading the book and naming him. Lydia wanted to call him Mr. Elf…real original! Then we introduced our new Advent Calendar and Bible. We will read a bible story every morning along with serving our community in some way. Some days it will only be scripture reading and some days we will be baking something for a neighbor or friend. It may even be doing something that day like lunch with someone special or have a Birthday party for Jesus (a work in progress) etc.

IMG_3484I am so excited about our new Advent Calendar. I have always wanted one from Pottery Barn Kids so we decided to take advantage of Brett’s discount and splurge on it before he stopped working at West Elm. We decided it was worth the money since it’s something we will use for years to come!

IMG_3475Day 1:
Lydia and Everett loved meeting Mr. Elf.

IMG_3578Day 2:
Mr. Elf was found hanging out in Lydia’s stocking!

IMG_3564Day 3:
Mr. Elf decided to take a bubble bath in a bowl full of marshmallows. Lydia found this hilarious!

As mentioned before we are very excited about the season and we are so thankful for God sending our Savior. Who knows where we’d be today if He didn’t love us unconditionally.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

Name Change

So I have changed the name of my blog. The reason for this is that Counting Our Blessings was never available. You may or may not have noticed that blog address was really Counting Our Blessing and it drove me crazy. Now it’s My Mommy Memos! Just to save everyone from asking I thought I’d post it. Make sure you update your bookmark if you do have my site marked!!

Kitchen Makeover Continued!!

Well we are finally done with the big staining project in the kitchen. It was a pretty fun project and I’m really happy with the way it turned out! The best thing about this entire project was the cost. We spent about $75.00 to redo all the cabinets, switch out all the knobs and repaint all the chairs and island!

The  before pictures were taken with my phone so they are not the best but you still get a great comparison.

My favorite part about this entire project are the new knobs. I came across them at World Market. I had not planned on switching them out but I fell in love with them and decided it had to be done!

18 Months Old

Everett had his 18 month check-up / follow-up from Saturdays sick visit. He is still a little wheezy and has a yucky runny nose which they gave him an antibiotic for. However, he did have an AWESOME 18 month evaluation! At each Well Visit I have to fill out a questionnaire about what he is and is not doing. At his 15 month visit he did not score very high and was referred to a specialist for further evaluations. It was pretty hard for me emotionally but the only thing they were a little concerned about was his communication skills. Well, he has come a long way these last couple months! I loved being about to check the ‘always’ and ‘sometimes’ boxes for almost every question. The doctor was very pleased with his progress and had NO worries at all!! My little preemie baby seems to have caught up!!! 

Here are a few things he is now doing:
Walking (my favorite)!!!!!
Starting to say more words: Doggy, Daddy, Baby, Mommy, All Done, Bye Bye, Night Night, Ball, No No and a few more!
Imitating Animals: Barks, Meows, Make an elephant sound, Imitates a monkey
Better with signing: Please, more and help (sometimes)

He lost a pound since his last visit but I’m sure it’s because of all the walking and being sick this past week. He did grow a whole inch and a half!